Google Chrome Pro Tip: How to Merge Multiple Tabs from Two Google Chrome Windows

I have been wanting the ability to merge two window’s collections of tabs in Google Chrome for some time now, because moving one tab a time from one window to another is tedious at best.

I thought I’d need an extension for it, but it turns out that you can already do it in Chrome without any extra extension! I found this tip on the Google Chrome Product Forums, which tells how to do it:

Merge two windows with multiple tabs

Left-click the first tab in the window you want to merge. While holding the shift key, left-click the right most tab. All of tabs for the current window are now selected, so you can drag and drop them as as group on the other window.

One thing the tip doesn’t mention is that you have to keep holding down the Shift key while doing this process to move all tabs, otherwise it shifts back into single-tab-move-mode.

Hope this helps!


Deployment configuration XML for Office 365 Home Premium Retail 2016

Below working XML configuration which excludes usually unnecessary applications from installation. I have left only Word, Excel, PowePoint, OneNote. Excluded Publisher, Outlook, Skype, Access.

    <Add OfficeClientEdition="32" Channel="Monthly" SourcePath="D:\" OfficeMgmtCOM="TRUE">
        <Product ID="O365HomePremRetail">
            <Language ID="en-us"/>
            <ExcludeApp ID="Access" />
            <ExcludeApp ID="Outlook" />
            <ExcludeApp ID="Publisher" />
            <ExcludeApp ID="Lync" />
    <Updates Enabled="TRUE" Channel="Monthly"/>
    <Display Level="Full" AcceptEULA="FALSE"/>

Command to execute deployment tool with above XML “setup.exe /configure configuration.xml


Broadcom 802.11n Network Adapter Enabled for 5MHz Connection

I have this wifi network card on my old notebook. 4 years I worked on older 54G wireless network. Then I decided to check whether I can connect to N network, because adapter name says “Broadcom N”. And with success, below are settings on Windows 7 64bit.


  • 20/40 Coexistance = Auto
  • 40Mhz Intolerant = Disabled
  • 802.11h+d = Loose 11h
  • 802.11n Preamble = Auto
  • Afterburner = Disabled
  • Antena Diversity = Auto
  • AP Compatibility Mode = Higher Performance
  • ARP Offload = Enabled
  • Association Roam Preference = Disabled
  • Bandwith Preference = None
  • Bandwith Capability = 11a:20/40;11bg:20Mhz
  • Bluetooth Collaboration = Auto
  • BSS PLCP Header = Auto (Short/Long)
  • BT-AMP = Enabled
  • Disable Bands = None
  • Disable Upon Wired Connect = Enabled
  • Fragmentation Threshold = 2346
  • IBSS 54g(tm) Protection Mode = Auto
  • IBSS Mode = 802.11a/b/g/n Auto
  • Locally Administered MAC Address = Not Present
  • Minimum Power Consumption = Enabled
  • Mixed Cell Support = Disabled
  • NS Offload = Enabled
  • Power Output = 100%
  • Priority & VLAN = Priority & VLAN Disabled
  • Rate (802.11a) = Best Rate
  • Rate (802.11b/g) = Best Rate
  • Roam Tendency = Auto
  • Roaming Decision = Auto
  • RTS Threshold = 2347
  • Short GI = Auto
  • Wake on Magic Packet = Disabled
  • Wake on Pattern Match = Disabled
  • WiFi Rekeying Offload = Enabled
  • WMM = Auto
  • WZC IBSS Channel Number = 11(20MHz)
  • XPress (TM) Technology = Disabled


Oracle Database on Windows 7 x64

Via trial and error method and reading My Oracle Support I understood. Windows 7 x64 is not supported by Oracle 11g R2 x32 database. You must use Oracle 11g x64 database version.

However, you can use either Oracle 11g R2 x32 client or Oracle 11g R2 x64 client on same Windows 7 x64. That means you can use 32bit client to access 64bit Oracle database.

You must download Oracle Warehouse Builder 11.2 x64 to use on Windows 7 x64. You can not use OWB which came with  Oracle 11g R2 x64 database. See in MOS

OWB 11.2 Design Center Start-up Error 0x0000018 With Database On Windows 7 64-bit (Doc ID 1494161.1)

As mention in that MOS document cumulative patch has to be applied for both OWB and Oracle OWB contents.

Both database and OWB versions has to be at least

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Samsung GT-P6800 (GT-7560) Stock Firmware ROM That Works

Today I  managed to fix Samsung GT-P6800 (or GT-P7560 if exactly) tablet.

The problem was that during the boot it kept restarting.

  1. Close all Samsung Kies services with task manager
  2. Download and Open Odin
  3. Enter tablet in Download mode. Turn off tablet. Hold volume down button and press power button. While holding both buttons wait until tablet goes into Download mode. Confirm that you want to write custom ROM with Volume Up button.
  4. Connect tablet with USB and in Odin you should notice connection on port #. Also there will be message in log panel at bottom left.
  5. Download and extract this official Samsung ROM for Android 3.2. The row which I have chosen to use has these values for columns: PDA=P6800XXLA4 MODEM=P6800XXLA3 CSC=P6800OXXKL4
    These values corespond to following line in the table

  6. Click on the link and download zip file
  7. Extract firmware and open it with Odin in PDA section
  8. Make sure that only two checkboxes enabled: Auto Reboot and F. Reset Time
  9. Finally press Start in Odin.
  10. It takes about 10-15 min to upload.
  11. After successful firmware upload boot into recovery mode (in my case it was automatically restarted into it) and clear cache and user data. Shut down tablet. Boot into recovery mode press Volume Up and Power button, and hold them.
  12. Restart tablet and it should be OK.


Failų atstatymas po duomenų atkūrimo iš CHK ar nežinomų plėtinių

Jeigu po duomenų atkūrimo turite krūvą failų CHK ar iš vis be galūnių failų, šie metodai gali padėti atstatyti duomenis bent 50%.

Įkvėpęs įrašas iš čia 7 Ways To Recover CHK Files Created by CHKDSK and SCANDISK

Failų pervadinimas

Failų masinis pervadinimas ReNamer . Su juo galima tiesiog aklai pervadinti visus failus į populiarias galūnes ir bandyti atidarinėti.


Audio failai

Winamp, Foobar, IrfanView – pabandyti nustatyti, kurie failai yra muzika ar nuotraukos ar video. Šios programos bando failą skaityti ne pagal jo galūnę, o pagal jo turinį. Tiesiog per prievartą sumeskit failus į playlistą ar atidarinėkit su irfan view. Taip galima surasti dar kelis muzikinius, audio, video failus.

Būna taip, kad dainos meta duomenys išlikę, tačiau failo pavadinimas yra beprasmis. Su šia programa ID3-TagIT galima metduomenis surašyti į failo pavadinimą. Taip pat galima sudėlioti visas dainas pagal metaduomenis į katalogus. Bus sutaupyta labai daug rankinio darbo.


Komanda kaip dainos metaduomenis perkopijuoti į failo pavadinimą


Komanda Organize Files kaip automatiškai sudėlioti dainas į katalogus pagal metaduomenis


Įrankiai kurie gali padėti nustatyti failo tipą pagal parašą

Scalpel – komandinė eilutė





FiletypeID Naudoja tą pačia biblioteką kaip ir TrIDNet. Taigi, rezultatai turėtų būt tokie pat.



Svetainės kur galima pasitikrinti failų parašus

Norint pažiūrėti failo parašą reikia HEX redaktoriaus. Aš naudojau HxD


File Signatures


List of file signatures



FortiClient SSLVPN Stops at 98% on Windows 7 X64


I had a problem with VPN connecting to client from your Windows 7 64bit machine. The connection just stops (hangs) at 98%  (percent), then after a few seconds disconnects.

In the Forti server logs we saw, that I just had started session and disconnected.

Google didn’t help.

The solution is to disable IP6 protocol in network connections menu – on your physical network adapter. Then don’t forget to RESTART your computer.



Some related error messages from Event Viewer

CoId={2759D407-FF7A-4B2F-89EF-49D288D9DD7E}: The user SYSTEM dialed a connection named fortissl which has terminated. The reason code returned on termination is 631.

CoId={E6310774-BA75-4860-A754-4F2C414E70C1}: The user SYSTEM dialed a connection named fortissl which has failed. The error code returned on failure is 633.

CoId={12EA93EE-2A00-4FAE-BF84-0564B2F2ADB8}: The user SYSTEM dialed a connection named fortissl which has failed. The error code returned on failure is 680.

My Favorite Free Software Utilities

Most of them I’ve been using on Windows XP. On Windows 7 some of them aren’t required anymore.


Archiver 7-zip

To make printscreen PrtScr, Cropper.

To move taskbar items around in windows XP TaskbarShuffle.

Universal launcher Launchy.

Indexed search Everything.

Clipboard memory history ClipX.

Window arranging WinSplit Revolution

Windows explorer enhancement StExBar.

Tracking tasks and time Grindstone.

ALT+TAB switcher VistaSwitcher.

Search for text in files from windows explorer with right click Agent Ransack.

Microsoft Sync Toy

Free Download Manager

Arduo File Splitter

Record desktop for presentations CamStudio, DebugMode Wink, JING

Paint on screen during presentation SlideMate

Trace HTTP traffic Fiddler, HTTPWatch Basic, DebugBar

Test web site with various IE versions IETester