Microsoft OneNote Duplicates Remover

Over years of migration of Onenote pages, I ended up in sync issues and duplicates. This is now less relevant as OneNote is capable storing in the cloud. So the sync issues almos gone. But 10 years ago, when OneNote was not such known it could be synced at file level only. E.g. hard drive to USB or to network share.

Finally, there is free utility to remove duplicate pages on OneNote. It worked for me and saved hours of manual cleanup. After cleanup, I moved my all notes to the cloud.



My Favorite Free Software Utilities

Most of them I’ve been using on Windows XP. On Windows 7 some of them aren’t required anymore.


Archiver 7-zip

To make printscreen PrtScr, Cropper.

To move taskbar items around in windows XP TaskbarShuffle.

Universal launcher Launchy.

Indexed search Everything.

Clipboard memory history ClipX.

Window arranging WinSplit Revolution

Windows explorer enhancement StExBar.

Tracking tasks and time Grindstone.

ALT+TAB switcher VistaSwitcher.

Search for text in files from windows explorer with right click Agent Ransack.

Microsoft Sync Toy

Free Download Manager

Arduo File Splitter

Record desktop for presentations CamStudio, DebugMode Wink, JING

Paint on screen during presentation SlideMate

Trace HTTP traffic Fiddler, HTTPWatch Basic, DebugBar

Test web site with various IE versions IETester