Stop putting extra line spaces in my signatures Outlook

I had a problem with extra space placed between paragraphs. Weird,  but this problem was in Office Outlook 2003. In Outlook 2007 there were no problems. Here what I found in MS Office Online  web site

Note If you are designing your signature in Word, make sure that you press SHIFT+ENTER at the end of each line of text. If you press only ENTER, Outlook inserts your signature so that the recipient sees your signature in double-spaced format.


To solve this issue, for paragraphs you should use objSelection.TypeText chr(11) instead of objSelection.TypeText vbCrLf or objSelection.TypeParagraph().
Some special chars from this site:
A pagebreak is nothing more then a special ASCII character. Use the CHR (Character) Function to insert. 

Some of the more commonly used ASCII codes:
Chr(9) = tab
Chr(11) = manual line break (shift-enter)
Chr(12) = manual page break
Chr(13) = vbCrLf (return)
Chr(14) = column break
Chr(30) = non-breaking hyphen
Chr(31) = optional hyphen
Chr(32) = space
Chr(34) = quotation mark
Chr(160) = nonbreaking space
For more see also “Chr$” under VBA Help.

USAGE EXAMPLE: Selection.TypeText text:=Chr(12)